Information about the club

The Bonita Springs Wood Carving club is a meeting place for recreational wood carvers in the Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers and Naples area. The club is entirely run by volunteers, many of whom have been with the club since its founding in 1985. While we always welcome new members you might be surprised to learn that many of the existing members are highly skilled wood carvers who have received many awards for their work.

Do I need to have any prior skill or tools?

RE_basic_setYou can show up at the club without any prior arrangements and if you wish to participate you will be given some beginner tools and sample wood to get you going. Every step of the way you will receive coaching and advice from many of our experienced carvers.

Where and when does the club meet?

The club operates out of the Estero Park and Recreation Center every Wednesday that the center is opened. The meetings run from 12:30 until 15:00. If you are not a member of the Estero Recreational Center you will have to fill out an application and pay a $10 fee for a lifetime (yes, that’s right—lifetime) membership. Applications can be found at the front desk.

What does membership cost?

There are no fees to join the woodworking club but weekly there is a BeerFree50/50 draw that most members participate in and that allows the club to operate financially.

What facilities does the club have?

The great thing about woodcarving is the the amount of tools and supplies needed to start is very minimal. The club does have a few helpful items that can go a long way to making your carving experience enjoyable:

  • A professional wood carving sharpening system,
  • An extensive library of woodcarving patterns and techniques, and
  • about 500 collective years of experience.